Gothic&Lolita Festival 2014. I was a jury :зз


Gothic&Lolita Festival 2014. I was a jury :зз


     My (slightly late) Rufflecon haul! I had a great time, mostly due to the fact that I was extremely lucky the entire weekend. I sold out of almost everything I brought, I won an item from both raffles at the con, and through a stroke of sheer luck (and with great gratitude to the person who provided it) ended up with my dream item- a Triple Fortune bonnet!

     After Rufflecon we did some shopping in NYC (mostly Brooklyn) and I was able to visit the three places I’ve been dying to go to since they opened- Ladurée, Baby/Tokyo Rebel, and the Morbid Anatomy Museum.

What I ended up with:

From Ladurée:

  • Ladurée cooler bag (the big black one), which I’ve wanted forever
  • Black Napoleon III macaron box
  • Candied violet petals (thank you asphodelgarden for catching them!)

From Rufflecon:

  • Triple Fortune bonnet in cream and dusty blue (my favourite classic colours!)
  • Triple Fortune/ Enchantlic Enchantilly tea party calandar
  • Enchantlic Enchantilly Grey and rose OTKs
  • Enchantlic Enchantilly Cutlery OTKs (I won a gift certificate in the Rufflecon tea party raffle, which I used on these)
  • GLW red wig (I won this in the GLW raffle, it’s a massive wig, I just wish it were a more natural colour!)

From Baby the Stars Shine Bright:

  • BtSSB stationery set
  • Gothic Lolita Bible Oct. 2014- I had to get if for the witch!

From the Morbid Anatomy Museum:

  • Morbid Anatomy Anthology
  • Museum tote bag
  • "How to skin a bird" illustrated instruction manual (for reals)
  • Taxidermy and Museum postcards
  • (not pictured) Museum logo t-shirt (which I’m wearing)
  • (not pictured) small brass charms for some necklaces I’m working on

And finally, from the duty-free shop, a bottle of Lucid Absinthe, which we can’t get easily in Ontario anymore.


Behind the scenes at the Rufflecon Fashion Show. 

Photos include these brands

I Do Declare 
Enchantlic Enchantilly
Triple Fortune





Finally, it is here. The new tutorial on how to make cute wristcuffs. I’m sorryit took such time and that I have been so busy to not make something bigger.Better luck next time, I suppose. Oh, well, thank you ad Wellcome to all my new followers and don’t forget as we reach 400 followers there will be a new one again. Thank you everyone and lots of love to all of you.


✵Weekly Coordinates✵ 

Alice and the Pirates coordinate from September 21th post~ 
Full item details at out blog~!


The Rufflecon Masquerade 


Sweet, gothic, and classic lolitas at the Rufflecon Tea Party. Everyone was so well dressed. *_*


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright


My AP Loyal Rosette jsk in Brown coord! Blouse from Alice and the Pirates, Bag: BTSSB, Socks: AP Musee Du Chocolat, Beret: BTSSB, Head bow from the same series AP Loyal Rosette and Shoes from: AP


h.Naoto Gramm, Atelier Pierrot, Sheglit, h.Naoto Steam for GLB#53